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"The Villages" - A Path to Regaining Life in Recovery

“THE VILLAGES” – Focusing on Addiction Recovery AND on Life Success…


As we all know so well, the recidivism rate among those in early sobriety from drug addiction and alcoholism is extraordinarily high, especially as compared to other diseases and maladies. There are many reasons as to why this is the case, and a leading one among that list is the element of those in early recovery being ill-equipped to truly handle all that life throws their way. Remaining entrenched in recovery from addiction is a full-scope lifestyle change, and all too often we see the ineffective results stemming from yet another trip to a drug rehab, or another stay at a sober living home, or another string of private or group therapy sessions, or even a combination thereof…

THE VILLAGES: The Villages is a full-scope program whereas a myriad of community providers are brought together, within a unified system, in order to provide individualized services to those seeking help with their life issues.   The ultimate goal is to create improved long-term success rates through the process of establishing more comprehensive foundations in recovery.

THE MISSION: The Villages is a unique fusion of various strategic and proven concepts that aim to make an impact on the local community through comprehensive, life-changing programs designed to help those in need.  We help any individual in the community that is seeking change in their life.  By creating this unique fusion of services with all needed community partners, we have developed a full-scope, long-term program.  The people who participate thoroughly are helped to rekindle and manifest lost dreams.

A CLOSER LOOK: An all-inclusive residence is offered for participants with a desire to make the life changes required to reach their personal goals.  A Success Guide is assigned to each participant to uncover “their story” and thus address their individual set of needs.  At this point a uniquely customized plan is agreed upon as a means for securing an ID and all relevant social services, as well as addressing the client’s medical, psychiatric and/or substance abuse recovery needs.  

The Villages approach addresses the often missed reality that in order for an individual or family to flourish, they need individually designed and monitored support and guidance – not a handout.  Within a nominal amount of time in which most individuals will become employable, typically 3 to 6 months, participants will be required to begin contributing toward housing and living fees, all of which will be calculated based on their financial situation and ability to pay.

Some Key Elements Encompassing “The Villages” Success Model…

☑ Helping men & women with drug and/or alcohol addictions being their primary disorder, as well as those having “manageable” mental health issues as a secondary disorder (i.e., anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, etc.)

☑ Providing four (4) integrative, detailed & customized levels/phases of housing services in accordance with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR)

☑ Addressing the many components that often lead to relapse, such as: Finances, Family, Employment, Personal & Professional Relationships, Legal Troubles, Co-occurring mental Health Issues, etc.

THE VILLAGE I “Transition”: Up to initial 6 months of stay – the full-scope core program

THE VILLAGE II “Transformation”: Up to 2 years stay – bringing everything full circle

THE VILLAGE III “Tranquility”: Up to 3 years stay – community housing with private room

THE VILLAGE IV ‘Triumph”: Individual independence and assistance with home ownership

☑ Locations in and around the following Central & Northern Nevada regions: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Dayton, NV

☑ There are many, many more underlying details that power the success of “The Villages” approach!



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