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Northern Nevada has historically had very little to offer for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health illnesses. From drug and alcohol addictions to process addictions like gambling and sex, and even complex mental health and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD and so on, the options for treatment and/or recovery housing (sober living) have remained very limited. LYFE Recovery Services, founded in mid 2017, has set out to completely change this paradigm of limited recovery options here in Central and Northern Nevada. We first launched in the Reno and Sparks regions, followed by Carson City, Dayton, Fallon and Elko, NV. Our mission is simple in terms of goal, yet complex in process…

THE GOAL: To bring effective, full-scope substance abuse and mental health recovery and treatment services throughout Central and Northern Nevada in the forms of integrative sober living, addiction recovery housing, treatment, detox and long-term aftercare solutions.

THE PROCESS: Based on a much deeper level than the traditional linear addiction recovery services generally seen throughout the country, our process entails a “whole-life” approach in which the actual addiction recovery process is only but one of several key focal points within the overall scope of services.

Until now, cities like Reno, Sparks and Carson City haven’t really seen anything like the type of sober living homes and addiction recovery services provided through LYFE Recovery; and you can completely forget about smaller towns like Fallon and Elko! Residents within these regions struggling with drug or alcohol addictions have sadly been forced to either leave the region for treatment (or recovery housing), or settle for the spattering of indigent-tailored services currently being offered.

Over the years we have seen what works and what doesn’t, or at least what generally doesn’t. Though there are always exceptions to any standard, as a whole, effective substance abuse recovery services generally need to provide a broader scope of services that essentially serve to bolster the individual’s sobriety. In example, why is relapse so common? It’s true that if the individual is not ready to get and stay sober then nothing will stop their relapsing, but often times that isn’t the case. Often times the person in recovery truly desires a change in lifestyle but the outside components within their lives are not guided properly. Whether it has to do with work, school, family and/or other relations, co-occurring mental or behavioral issues, etc.

LYFE Recovery Services is all about “whole-life” change and guidance, and we do it as affordably and comfortably as possible. Each of our locations offer a truly pleasant, clean and proactive environment, while charging less than nearly any other comparable residence nationwide. We are extremely proud to be a pioneering force in this regard throughout the towns of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Elko, Nevada!



The staff at LYFE Recovery Services is available for you 7 days a week at (888) 590-9691 or by email at info@lyferecovery.com. Our array of service include: sober living and addiction recovery housing, as well as networked clinical services through our partner providers, such as: medical detox, drug & alcohol treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare service, life skills building and recovery coaching, and more…


SCORE Certified Drug Rehab and Sober Living in Reno-Sparks and Carson City, Nevada



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