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As of October of 2018, LYFE Recovery Services is expanding its sober living & addiction recovery home network into the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada region. Since 2016 LYFE Recovery has been a leader in substance abuse & mental health recovery throughout central and northern Nevada, and now we excitingly get to bring our one-of-a kind sober living home model to southern Nevada!

Las Vegas (and surrounding areas), like much of the nation, has likewise been hit very hard with the rise in drug addiction. Originally it was one of the leading cities across the country for methamphetamine (aka., speed, crystal meth) abuse, however now it too has been stricken with the enormous opioid epidemic with such drugs as; heroin, oxycontin, oxycodone, morphine, dilaudid and other narcotic pain killers.

Our Las Vegas and Henderson, NV sober living homes & addiction recovery residences operate very similar to the rest of our locations. Each residence offers upscale environments with the latest in amenities, as well as optimal locations within nice neighborhoods which are within close proximity to AA and NA meeting locations, employment prospects, shopping & dining districts and public transportation. Additionally, we also work closely within a reputable network of outpatient drug rehab centers in order to provide a higher level of care for client in need of it, most of which accept many private health insurance plans.

Welcome to LYFE Recovery’s “Clark County, NV” addiction recovery residences. Each location is gender-specific (male only or female only) and provides an upscale yet very affordable sober living home environment. LYFE Recovery provides a semi-structured sober living environment in order to help create solid foundations for early sobriety, while simultaneously providing the freedoms one needs in order to live their life and experience the many gist of sobriety!

LYFE Recovery’s sober living homes are drug & alcohol free recovery residences that involve a commitment toward sustained sobriety. In addition to upscale sober living housing, we offer added services through a network of outside providers like: outpatient addiction treatment programs (IOP), partial hospitalization programs (PHP), residential treatment, therapists, psychologists, sober coaches, and other recovery services and professionals.

Each of our residences are strategically situated in close proximity to transportation, shopping, dining, meetings and more. We offer the support and structure you need to facilitate your recovery. Our sober living homes provide you the opportunity to create new friendships, a healthy lifestyle and a fulfilling and sober life. Whether you’re considering our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV residences, or other locations within our network of recovery homes, rest assure that we are committed toward making this as positive an experience for you as possible!

Our Location

☑ 10-15 minute drive to meetings

☑ 1/2 mile to dining and shopping

☑ Close to freeways

☑ Walking distance to bus

☑ 15 minutes to downtown Vegas

☑ Near job opportunities

Our Amenities

☑ Wi-Fi throughout house

☑ Flat screen TV

☑ Streaming TV

☑ Laundry and supplies

☑ Upscale furnishings

☑ Located in nice neighborhoods


ALSO OFFERED: PHP (residential-style addiction treatment), IOP (intensive outpatient rehab), Relapse Prevention, Life Skills Building, Substance Abuse Education & Awareness, Private & Group Therapy, Healthcare Services and more…


SCORE Certified Drug Rehab and Sober Living in Reno-Sparks and Carson City, Nevada



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