People often believe that sober living is an extension of treatment and that it has to be boring. The importance of fun in sobriety is insurmountable…

Drinking and using drugs WAS fun. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t continue to use. Drug addicts in early recovery often glorify their using days, remembering the good times. They struggle with remembering the consequences that landed them in recovery. It is important that addicts surround themselves with people who have more substantial time in sobriety, have balance in their lives and seem to be happy and enjoying life.

The consequences outweigh the brief ‘high.’ Sobriety IS fun, but only if people put the work in to make it happen. Simply because someone resides in a sober living home, does not mean they are happy. If you ask for suggestions and follow them, you will begin to learn what you enjoy. Sober living homes provide a group of people to do recreational activities with. The question often becomes, what is out there that I can do?

• Sober Sports. Contact their company, by yourself or with others, and tell them what sport you are interested in and they put you on a league with others in recovery. Or simply join a gym and participate in group classes with others.
• Ask others what they do for fun and join them.
• Listen to live music. Many people automatically associate this with alcohol, but when you go with a group of sober people, you will have more fun! You may even find yourself laughing at others who are drunk.
• Get back to nature: Try out the natural spaces in your area such as public gardens, the zoo or aquarium – go alone or invite a group of friends.
• Learn something: Whether it’s a new language you’ve always wanted to learn or skill you want to brush up on, try learning something.
• Volunteer: Opportunities are endless with volunteering and there’s no better way to cheer yourself up than by cheering someone else up!
• Let food bring you joy: Host a potluck, a picnic, or join a local cooking class.
• Host game nights with those in your sober living home.
• If you live in a historic area, find guides to walking tours, complete with descriptions of the significant points along the way. Go with sober friends and act like tourists.

Get outside of your comfort zone, make new friends and explore both activities you enjoyed prior to your addiction and new ones that seem appealing. Keep an open mind and HAVE FUN! To learn more about sorber living, contact LYFE Recovery at 888-590-9691.


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