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Top 9 High Risk Contributors of Drug & Alcohol Relapse

Learn how detachment from your local environment and the proper aftercare therapy largely contributes to minimize the possibility of an undesired relapse. Drug addicts and alcoholics are prone to relapse.  It is often heard that relapse is part of the...

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A Comparison of Affordable vs. Luxury Sober Living Homes

Though high-end sober livings and addiction recovery homes may offer luxury or holistic-type services, are they more effective in terms of core sobriety? Sober living homes aren’t state or government funded. Most often, residents pay their own way. This...

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What Should I Expect Now That I’m Sober

Nevada sober living homes allow people to reintegrate into society and begin experiencing emotions they have been numbing through the use of drugs/alcohol. When you stop drinking/drugging and commit to a life of sobriety, you will experience happiness and...

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How To Have Fun When Living in a Sober Living Facility

People often believe that sober living is an extension of treatment and that it has to be boring. The importance of fun in sobriety is insurmountable… Drinking and using drugs WAS fun. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t continue to use. Drug addicts in early...

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The Importance of Having Fun In Sobriety

Redefining fun after a life of drug and alcohol addiction may be a daunting task for some, but there a so many things to do to make life in sobriety enjoyable… The first year of sobriety is challenging in many ways and one of the things you can do is to...

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What Do I Need To Do To Focus On My Addiction Recovery

With too many stories of relapse, what do I need to do to avoid going in and out of drug rehab and be successful in my drug and alcohol addiction recovery.   Substance abuse followed by drug rehab and then relapse can lead to a vicious cycle of ongoing...

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