Though high-end sober livings and addiction recovery homes may offer luxury or holistic-type services, are they more effective in terms of core sobriety?

Sober living homes aren’t state or government funded. Most often, residents pay their own way. This structure is in place due to the type of care provided in a sober living community. There are no therapists involved in running these facilities, and programs aren’t subject to medical reviews and don’t provide medical treatment, so they can’t be considered medical treatment. They are considered a voluntary step people take in order to get better. Just as an individual may choose to move to a better community to avoid a dangerous neighborhood, a sober living home is considered an optional step people take on the road to recovery, done so voluntarily.

Some communities offer specific sober living homes for people who are homeless, victims of domestic violence, dealing with mental illness or from low income brackets. These homes may have strict communal backgrounds regarding sobriety. They may provide individuals with a safe and sober place to live as they get back on their feet. It could be a good option, especially for those with little or no financial resources.

Holistic based sober livings provide residents opportunities to participate in such things as acupuncture, massage, yoga, tai chi, nutrition and exercise. These are all beneficial, not just for those in early recovery, but for everyone. Treating mind, body and spirit are essential but will they ensure long-term sobriety? In and of themselves, no.

Residing in a luxurious sober living home of course has its advantages such as:
The cuisine. Many will either staff a full-time chef, and others will have meals catered to the facilities.

The amenities. For example, comfy furniture, high-definition televisions and other top-of-the-line home accents are provided.

The location. Generally located in nice neighborhoods with quiet streets and gorgeous vistas.

The staff. Every luxury sober living home is overseen by a staff of professionals whose job it is to make sure that the residents needs are met and that everyone is able to live in a safe environment.

The aftercare. Residents have greater access to follow-up counseling programs and other means of maintaining sobriety.

Research has proven that when the alcoholic or drug addict is ready to recover, numerous options exist and recovery is available. However, addicts who have the option of residing in both an affordable and a luxurious sober living home are provided the best of both worlds, only increasing their opportunities at long-term success.


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